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CERPAC – Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card

What is CERPAC?
CERPAC is the acronym for Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card. The Nigeria Immigration Service requires foreigners living in Nigeria get the new CERPAC or they will be considered to be illegal residents and subject to repatriation from Nigeria.

Who qualifies?
Expatriates resident or working in Nigeria.

Exempted Persons?
Diplomats ,Government Official(GO’s),Niger-wives, Non-Governmental Organization(NGO’s)are to be issued CERPAC Gratis.

CERPAC validity: The CERPAC form as endorsed is valid for three (3)months from the date of purchase. The validity of CERPAC is two (2) years, after which application for revalidation must be made.

  1. CR(Concessionary)forms are meant for missionaries, students, Non ECOWAS African Nationals and Cameroonians.
  2. AO forms are for other Nationals and persons with special Immigrant Status.
  3. AR forms are for Exempted Persons (Diplomats, Government official, NGOs and Niger-wives).
  • AR forms are issued at the immigration Service Headquarters and State Command all over the Federation.
  • CR & AO forms are collected from Afribank Nigeria Plc.

There is the CERPAC GREEN CARD which allows a foreigner to reside in Nigeria and carry out an approved activity as specified in the permit, or to accompany a resident or citizen of Nigeria as a dependant.

Possession of a valid CERPAC GREEN CARD does   not exempt the holder from having a valid entry or re-entry permit/visa. Holder of resident status in Nigeria who is proceeding on leave or temporary duty outside Nigeria should apply for re-entry permit/visa prior to his/her departure from Nigeria.

Also, is the CERPAC BROWN CARD that allows every alien resident in Nigeria or visiting with the intention to remain in Nigeria in excess of 56days and crew members leaving their ship and staying ashore in excess of 28days are required by law to register. Unlike the CERPAC GREEN CARD, the BROWN CARD is essentially, a movement chart.

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