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Visas and Immigration Procedure in Nigeria

A visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay for a specified period of time in a country.

Nigerian Visas are obtained in the countries where applicants are domiciled or the nearest Nigerian mission to their countries of residence.


  1. Transit Visa/Entry Permit
  2. Direct Transit Visa/Entry Permit
  3. Business Visa/Entry Permit
  4. Tourist Visa/Entry Permit
  5. Official/Diplomatic Visa/Entry Permit
  6. Subject to Regularization(STR)Visa/Entry Permit
  7. Temporary Work Permit (TWP)


Who is qualified?
They are for transit passengers with confirmed visa to onward destination other than Nigeria like seamen and pilots.
Requirement for Transit Visa;

  • Valid passport with minimum of 6months validity and valid visa to onward destination
  • Confirmed airline ticket to final destination
  • Evidence of funds

Requirement for Direct Transit Visa;

  • Valid passport with minimum of 6months validity
  • The validity of stay is 48hours.
  • Not valid for employment.


Who is qualified?

  • Businessmen and investors coming to Nigeria forbusiness
  • Obtainable from Nigeria missions abroad.

Requirement for Business Visa;

  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Acceptance of IR(Immigration Responsibility) and valid return ticket


  • Validity of stay is 90days but extendable
  • Not valid for employment


Who is qualified?
Persons wishing to visit Nigeria for the purpose of tourism or individuals who want to visit family members
Requirement for tourist visa;

  • Valid passport with minimum of 6months validity, valid return ticket
  • Evidence of funds and hotel reservation
  • Acceptance of IR(Immigration Responsibilities)

Not valid for employment


Who is qualified?

  • Visiting heads of states, diplomats, officials of government and their families.
  • Holders of United Nations diplomatic passport
  • Members of accredited diplomatic missions and international organization

Requirement for Official/Diplomatic Visa;

  • Valid standard, official or diplomatic passports
  • Obtainable from Nigerian missions abroad


Who is qualified?
Expatriates employed by individuals or organizations (Public or Private) working in Nigeria are mandated to provide a valid Green card, as re-entry visa is no longer acceptable by Nigeria Immigration System.
Requirement for STR?

  • Valid passport with minimum of 6months validity
  • Letter of employment and expatriate quota approval
  • Credentials of the applicant and curriculum vitae
  • Duly completed form IMM22
  • For CEO of corporate organization, there is need for extract of the minutes of the board’s resolutions obtainable only from Nigerian missions in the countries where applicants are domiciled for at least 6months.


Who is qualified?
Experts invited by individuals or organizations (Public or Private) to provide specialized skilled services, such as after sales installation maintenance, repairs of machines & equipment.
Requirement for TWP;

  • Confirmed travel return ticket
  • Acceptance of IR(Immigration Responsibility)by inviting organization or individual
  • Obtainable only from the office of the comptroller general of immigration in the Nigeria Immigration service Headquarters, Abuja.
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